Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Day 2

All children had another good nights sleep and were up bright and early for a fun filled day of activities. We had groups; canoeing, adventuring and mountain walking.
The mountain walkers did very well and although it was tough, they never gave up!

The canoeists had to battle against the harsh, welsh winds whilst trying to row down the river. It was hard work but they all felt a sense of achievement at the end.
During today's adventure activities, they went walking through waterfalls and climbing through tunnels. Night time activities included being blindfolded and following a route around the house, using only a rope to hold onto.... not as easy as you may think!
The children then wrote letters and in their diaries before making their way to bed.
They all had a great day but are absolutely exhausted!

Night time activities - Trying to get around the house blindfolded!


  1. loving the blindfold keeley, hope you havin a great time, looks like you are, love dad x

  2. Ahahahahahahahahahahah u look liked u had fun guys hope you enjoy the rest of ur time there