Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Day 3

Once again the children had a good night sleep and were up and ready to go for yet another day of activities.
The activities for the day were: Caving, Mountian Walking and Horse riding. It was a lovely day, with some small flurries of snow.
The activity during the evening was an orienteering trail around the grounds of Glasbury house. Liam, Max and Atakan were the winners with Miss Simmonds and Millie coming a close second!
As you can see from the pictures below, the children had a fantastic day!


Horse Riding


  1. Wow! That must be something, makes me want to do it...luv you Kishen!

    (Mrs. Sedani)

  2. looks like fun i wish i was there too oh yeah nice horse eboni looks miss you all so much and thats why i keep on commenting each day and sade,ruth said she misses you so much but she wont say it to you when you lot come back.bye.

  3. wow ,,,eldho u looks fab you made big effort .we miss you a lot .we got the letter.sarah is missing you verymuch .enjoy it .see you soon.
    mum,dad, sarah

  4. wow looks great