Friday, 12 February 2010

Day 5

Last day of activities!
Today, the children woke to a cloudy and chilly morning in Glasbury. At breakfast, they all appeared at the table in their pyjamas and looking very tired!
It was the final day of activities and they included: Adventure, Caving and Pony trecking. It was a brilliant day for all children.
During the evening we played a few games, including 'How to change your duvet', ready for tomorrow morning when they have to change their bedding! We also had a disco where the boys and girls had a dance off!
It was been a brilliant week and the children have been fantastic!
Well done Year 6!!
Pony Trecking


Evening Activities
Mrs Carleton showing the children how to change a duvet cover!

Chocolate eating game

Millie and John dancing

Atakan and Liam dancing the night away!